Racquet Sports Receive High Score on Creating Longevity and Fitness

Pickle ball

Racquet sports receive a high score when it comes to fitness, longevity, and leading a healthier life. Study upon study over the past 10 years reveal this, including studies by the British Journal of Sports General Medicine and the Copenhagen City Heart Study (Mayo Clinic) arrived at the same result.

In fact, research by the Mayo clinic showed that the life expectancy gains from racquet sports was even higher than popular sporting activities like soccer, cycling, swimming and health club activities. [Source: Mayo Clinic].

Vijay A. Daryanani, who is a physical therapist and personal trainer with Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Outpatient Center, has this to say about racquet sports: “Besides offering a good cardiovascular workout, they can help with both upper- and lower-body strength at one time. They can be played at any age, can be modified to fit most fitness levels, and do not involve a lot of equipment.” [Source: Harvard Health Publishing].

It’s never too late to begin a racquet sport. The way to get started on this joyful and rewarding experience is to:

Pick a sport you enjoy: 

For folks who have been playing a sport, they know which sport they enjoy. But for beginners, how do you know what sport you will enjoy? Maybe you enjoyed playing a particular sport as a kid and you may want to revisit that sport. Maybe it’s a sport you enjoy watching on TV. Is there a sport your friends enjoy playing? Friends can be great motivators. Pick a sport, and then decide if you want to stick with it, or try something new. 

Pick a goal: 

You can start playing once a week for an hour. And then gradually build yourself to 2-3 hours a week. In fact, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center just playing 3 hours a week reduces risk of heart disease and lowers blood pressure.

Find a great facility: 

Choose a facility that can get you the enjoyment you need. You want a space that can get you court time, and can set you up with an experienced coach who is friendly and helpful. NewGen Racquet Club is a brand new, state of the art facility that has been routinely commended for its positive attitude toward its players. You can learn more here.

Studies have shown that playing racquet sports creates the greatest benefit in terms of longevity. Pick your favorite racquet sport today and sign up with NewGen Racquet Club, a brand new state of the art facility to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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