Key Differences between Tennis and Pickleball

Tennis is a classic sport, and records indicate that it was first played professionally in 1882, in England. Pickleball by that measure is a relatively new entrant, but has the current distinction of being America’s fastest growing sport.  

There is a lot of commonality between these two sports, including the fact that they both offer equal measure fitness and enjoyment. For those looking to expand their portfolio of racquet playing sports, this blog aims to identify key differences between Tennis and Pickleball, so you are aware of these distinctions if you consider playing the other sport. NewGen Racquet Club’s view is to try both sports to increase diversity in your game to sustain motivation.

Court size

Whereas both are played on a court, the size of a court between the two sports is the major difference. A tennis court measures 78×36 feet (doubles court) and a pickleball court measures 30×60 feet. However, don’t let the smaller size fool you into believing pickleball is a less challenging sport. Even though court surface area is reduced, you have to adjust your body’s reaction and agility to a different environment.

Point system

Unlike tennis, when you lose a point in pickleball, your opponent serves. In tennis, to put it simply, you have to win a game of four points before your opponent serves. Also, note in pickleball the side that wins 11 points first, wins. 

The Kitchen

Finally, in pickleball, you are not allowed to volley from within 7 feet of both sides of the net. This non-volley zone is commonly referred to as the kitchen, and tends to cause a lot of controversy for some. In tennis you are allowed to volley from as close to your side of the net as you wish.

Enjoy a renewed sense of vigor by trying out the sport (tennis or pickleball) you have not tried before. You will be able to put your current skill set to good use, and find yourself learning a new set of movements–and thought process– to stay competitive. Sign up for coaching, or be ready to book a court at NewGen Racquet Club today. 


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